Friday Night Dining – Leeming Bowling Club

Leeming Bowls Friday night Menu Friday 21st August 2020
Starters and Snacks

Starters and Snacks

A    Nachos with sour cream                                          $8.00
B    Wedges with chilli sauce and sour cream         $6.00
C    Garlic bread Bruschetta                                          $7.00
D    Garlic Bread x 1 serve                                              $2.00

Main Course

E     Porterhouse Steak with chips and garnish salad $20.00
With either a Mushroom or Pepper Sauce
F     Chicken Parmigiana                                                       $18.00
With chips and garnish salad
G     Beef Rogan Josh with Basmati Rice and Papadums $15.00
H     Italian Beef Lasagna with Salad Garnish                      $15.00
I       Beer Battered or Grilled Pearl Perch Fillet                 $17.00
With chips and garnish salad
J       Thai Beef Salad with green leaves and crispy Noodles $15.00


K     Selection sweet favourites displayed on counter board $8.00
L     Kids Ice-cream bowl chocolate or strawberry topping    $4.00

The menu above is just an example of the meals available.

Please call the club on the number below for the current menu or email the caterer to be added to the mailing list for menus.

Meals start at 6.30pm and the club is open until late.

We have a good selection of main meals and sweets and also a well stocked bar with a good selection of wines, beers and spirits at reasonable prices.

We ask that if you are planning to come for a meal then come to the club before Thursday and put your name on the Meals Sheet with your selection. This will allow our caterers to make sure they can provide for all of you.

Call Sally at the club on 08 9310 5400 to make your reservations.

Meals are available for non members also.