Opening Day Season 2019-20


Opening Day was held on Sunday 15 September 2019, a beautiful spring day in this paradise we live in.

El Presidente Colin McCavana officially opened the season on the green and then our club Captains, Lucy Tinley and Allan Moore, rolled the first two bowls of the season.

Following this, all players who attended had one bowl to roll from all points of the A green at the same time to the “spider” placed in the middle.  The resulting chaos as bowls crashed into each other was a sight to behold.  The closest resting to te spider won a prize.  The fun was had when bowlers were attempting to retrieve their own bowl.

Two games were played in a popsticks format and the day out was enjoyed by all.  After the bowls a high tea was held with members bringing a plate to share.  Thanks go to the organisers of opening day, tyhe ladies who arranged the tables for the high tea and those who added a plate to the table.

Another enjoyable day out at the Leeming Bowling Club.


The workers at the door

President Colin McCavana greeting the players

Ladies Captain Lucy Tinley delivering the first bowl of the season

Members enjoying the afternoon social event